Lakewood Ranch Genealogy Club Resources

April 5, 2021

Getting the Most out of Findmypast


March 1, 2021

Clustering - What is it and How to Do it  - Peggy Jude

January 4, 2021

Nancy Johnson's Powerpoint Presentation -


Handout for December 7, 2020

Saving a Life:  Your Family's Health History

Handout for November 2nd, 2020

 Pandemic Genealogy Ideas - Kim Sheintal

Handouts for March 2, 2020

    4 Ways to Make Every Word Count

    Things To Look For While Revising

    How do you Write Your Family History

    100 Chapter Topics


Handout for February 3, 2020

   Organizing your DNA Results - Diahan Southard

Handout for January 6, 2020 

   Genealogy Trifecta

Handout for April 1, 2019

   Map It Out - Using Maps to Locate Your Irish Ancestors


Handout for March 4, 2019

   References for DNA Session - Peggy Jude

Handout for February 4, 2019

   Finding Antislavery Ancestors

Handout for March 5, 2018
   Navigating Through Family Search

Handout for February 5, 2018
   Mapping Family Stories

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