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Day 12 - Titanic Museum & Tea

The Nomadic (the tender for the Titanic) with the Museum in the back and the Titanic Hotel to the right.

Day 12 for me, Day 8 for the people coming up from Dublin and Day 2 for the people that arrived just for the Belfast portion of the trip. Everyone arrived yesterday and after sleeping in this morning the group was off to the Titanic Museum. It was a little wet and some of us walked (it was a soft rain) and others took a taxi. It takes about an hour and a half to two hours to go through the museum and after some people hit the gift shop, they walked across the street to the Titanic Hotel for Afternoon Tea. You can select from a number of types of tea…black, green or herbal, all loose teas delivered to you in a pot with a little strainer for over your cup. You can also get coffee if you prefer. Then they deliver a stand with tea sandwiches (salmon, cucumber, egg, and/or ham), scones with lemon curd and clotted cream and finally a selection of cakes and pastries. One of the things I love is that I can get a gluten free selection! They also have vegan, vegetarian and lactose intolerant selections. There is way too much food for one sitting but they do supply takeaway boxes. Luckily, the rooms at the Hilton have a small refrigerator.

The serious research starts tomorrow…breakfast at 7:30 and walk (or cab) to the Public Records Office for 9:00.

Happy Hunting!

Here are some comments on today’s activities.

From Nan…

Today was the perfect way to start our Belfast week. A day spent at the must-see Titanic Museum followed by a delightful afternoon tea was a wonderful way to spend time getting to know our fellow genies and the family members who joined them. We even managed to get in a little exercise. A little rain didn’t prevent us from getting in our 10,000+ steps walking to and from the museum. I am especially looking forward to Dr. William Roulston’s lecture on Estate Records. I hope to prove my ancestor was a gardener on an estate in County Down. From Gwen… Today was a day to get over jet lag and not do anything that required much thinking. The trip to the museum was great, it’s really fascinating. Afterward was the wonderful tea at the hotel. Now if the man will just come up to cool this room down and I can get my shower in!

From Ellen...

What a wonderful day! The Titanic Museum was so interesting and the tea was lovely. It was a perfect transition between the Dublin and Belfast research trips. Thank you for arranging this day. I am looking forward to researching my ancestors in Belfast.

Part of the group that walked back to the hotel

From Bill… Relaxing day, high tea "hit the spot," and Titanic quarter always intriguing.

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The End

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Everyone actually looks Irish! Wish I were there! Happy Hunting!

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