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Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Ancestry SideView™ showing inheritance from parents

We’re just a week away from the official start of summer. What are your plans? After being cooped up for the past two years, it appears that everyone is thinking about getting away and traveling or visiting with family, starting with Father’s Day next Sunday, then 4th of July all the way to Labor Day. Labor Day was the beginning of Fall for me…school always started the Wednesday after Labor Day. That’s not the case here in Florida with kids out of school in May and back in August.

As a genealogist, I love getting together with family, letting them know what new information I’ve found (although my kids just roll their eyes). I never travel to family events without a few DNA kits, just in case. Now is a great time to stock up, what with all of the Father’s Day sales that are going on.

Ancestry is offering DNA Kits for $59 until June 19th. Want a bit more? For $69 you can get both DNA and Traits for Dad.

MyHeritage is offering DNA Kits for only $49 + shipping (shipping is free if you order 2). For the same price you also have the option of a 30-day Complete Free Trial of the MyHeritage site.

Until June 20th, FamilyTree DNA is offering their FamilyFinder autosomal test for $49. Looking for a Y-DNA Match? Y-DNA kits begin at $99.

LivingDNA which is a great choice if you have UK ancestors, is offering a Father's Day Special of 20% off (price starting at $79).

23andme was the first of the DNA kits to offer health and wellness as part of their offerings. It was the first place that I tested because my initial interest was in health history. I have since made a number of connections through their offerings. You cannot move your results into 23andme, so if you are interested in the health option you need to test with them.

These are some of the lowest prices on DNA kits, so it’s a good time to stock up. I’ll be taking kits to Ireland with me in October. I still have 1 spot left for the Dublin trip in October and 5 for the Belfast trip. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please refer them to my website for additional information. I’ve been taking groups to Ireland to research for over 10 years and after this year, will likely only take one additional group in 2023. So if you’ve been thinking about the trip, now is the time!

One last thing…have you registered for the Celtic Connections Conference yet? You’ll have 3 months to view over 50 pre-recorded lectures from 22 national and international speakers. There are also 15 live chats with the presenters. I'll be doing four lectures for the conference as well as a live chat. Click on the image below to register.

Happy Hunting!

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