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My name is Cynthia and I started working on my Family Tree a few months after my mother passed, 2013. Recently did DNA test for my 90 year old father results being 69%, 29% England and remainder Scottish and Irish. My DNA results 49% Italian, 29% France and balance English, Irish and Scottish. The biggest stumbling block was my grandfather McDonagh. He refused to talk of the past. He looked to the future. I kept hitting ”brick walls” until I learned that he was born in Dover Kent England and it was his great grandfather who was from Sligo, Irleand 1808. I have 3 brick walls, the Irish great grandfather Thimothy Barron is priority. His dad Walter Barron came to Canada and married Mary Clifford. I have no dates of arrival to Canada, no marriage certificate and no idea what part of Ireland either of them are from. I’ve finalized the France and England research. I hope someone on this site can help either thru links or offer to do the reseach for me. The 2 other brick walls, which are becuase of language barrier, is Sicily and Urkaine.


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