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My family history is one of my passions. I've always known my Mom was Irish, but told that BEATTIE was a Scottish name when I began searching. In the '80s I began to ask Mom questions. In the '90s I began my search in ernest, on line. In 2014, my first cousins, found one of my post, with her story, & me. I wasn't sure, he was. And 2 later years we had DNA proof! Mom, Elisabeth Annie, was taken in by a lovely couple when she was 4, but never adopted, as both were over 50 years old. Naturally I wanted to know who those people on her original birth & baptismal certificates, especially my grandmother, was. Mom was her only girl, so as she was dying, before I was born, she told her sons to "take care of your sister." They had no clue before that, but passed down what little she told them. They didn't even have a name or date of birth! Her husband didn't add much about the story. It was great to know that my Grandmother never stopped looking for or thinking of that baby girl, given up by others when she was sick.


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