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With Cousin Matthew in Belfast

I returned home from Ireland on November 2nd and am still trying to catch up (especially on sleep). Based on the comments I've received, I think everyone enjoyed the trip and found something to move their research forward. I don't typically have much time to work on my own research but after everyone left, I had the opportunity to meet with a cousin on the Johnston line I've been researching. On Day 2, while I was waiting for my consultation with Kayleigh, I received a Facebook message from an individual who had found my website and thought our great grandmothers might be sisters. Yes, they were (although it was my 2x great grandmother and his 3x great grandmother). It was an exciting find and I didn't think there was anyone from that family left in Ireland. Matthew drove from Fermanagh to Belfast to meet me on Saturday, October 29th. We had a lovely chat and lunch and he agreed to do a DNA test for me. (I never travel without a supply...think about that for the upcoming Holidays. The sales have already started). Since he doesn't carry the Johnston name, I had him to a atDNA test.

Then, on Monday evening, I had an opportunity to meet with a possible Daly cousin of my husband at the airport hotel in Dublin. We didn't have as much time to visit, but he, too, agreed to a DNA test. There were four Daly families living in adjoining townlands in Kilvine in Mayo, but church records don't start until the 1870s so I've never been able to connect them. This might be a breakthrough.

A number of the participants went out to visit the area where their ancestors lived.

From Andy (who hired a local historian to take him to the area of his ancestors)...

Martin Mac Oirealla October 30 at 11:00 AM Wonderful day Friday with Andrew Sweeny and his son Michael of Cincinnati OH as we explored their family connections in Dunmore, Brierfield, Cooloo and Clogherboy

Andrew's great grandfather George Sweeney was born in Dunmore in 1844 and he was thrilled to see the original baptismal entry shared by Fr Ferghal, whose hospitality is always amazing

We explored Dunmore where George's 1892 trip was recorded in detail by the local RIC !! Thanks to their 'diligence' we saw the connection to local patriot Peter J Delaney and paid respect at his memorial in the Old graveyard as well as looking at the site of the Sweeney homestead

Heading to Brierfield where George's father Patrick was born and worked possibly as a stone mason we visited the Jameson Estate whose stone walls may have been built by a relative

Then to Cooloo to pay respect to Ned Lohan, uncle of George's mother Margaret Lohan

Andrew donated a copy of 2 remarkable documents about the arrest of Ned by Rev John O'Rourke and Archbishop Poer which he had found in the National Archives

Then a visit to the burial site of Ned thanks to the always wonderful Anthony Crowe

After a short trip to see where George's wife's family the Quigleys came from in Clogherboy

Unfortunately other than the Griffiths Valuation record there is no other memory of the family in the area

Thanks Andrew and Michael for hiring me to explore your family's wonderful history in the area

Bill and Pat set off to Rathlin Island...

Our Family History bear lounging in our room at the Manor House, Rathlin Island. Stopped at Ballymena and spent almost 2 hours with my Black family cousin and the last of our Blacks who was born on Rathlin Island. Could not convince her to do a DNA test though. Sea state interesting, but safe.

Have a great Halloween.

The attached photo is of the huge bonfire tonight after the fireworks, after trick-or-treating,after the kids Halloween party at the Manor House, after the Halloween costume party and earlier fireworks Saturday night. Can you say Samhain?

2023 Irish Research Trips

The 2023 Research Trips will be October 7-14 (Dublin) and October 14-21 (Belfast). I had trouble getting pricing for the hotel in Dublin but found while I was there that the hotel is for sale. I was able to get pricing for another location and hope to have things finalized within the next week. Watch the website for information on registration and pricing.


For those of you who follow me on Twitter, I have made the decision to withdraw from that platform. You can follow me at Donna Moughty Genealogy on Facebook, or register on this website to receive a notification when I post new information.

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