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The End

Final Dinner at James Street, Belfast

And so, the Irish Research trips have come to an end in 2023 and I am now retired! Some of the group worked until the last minute, closing PRONI at 4:45 while others took advantage of the last day for a bit of sightseeing. It ended with a great dinner at James Street. I appreciate all of the kind comments and the card from my last group. Although I won't be doing any more group trips, I will return to Ireland to work on my own research. It's been a good run.

I'm writing this late, as I headed out to Enniskillen early Saturday morning to visit with two new cousins on my Johnston line. At the time of the partition, most of the family moved out of Leitrim and over to Fermanagh. What I have heard is that there are no Johnstons, Mackeys or Currys still living in Rossinver. We visited some churches and graveyards in Fermanagh and then traveled over to Leitrim and Ballyshannon. I'm afraid if there ever were any gravestones, (which I doubt) they are likely unreadable at this time. I'll have to go with the burial records I've found.

In front of the Kilbarron Church of Ireland, Ballyshannon

Dinner with new Johnston cousins, Matthew and Valerie

I'll continue to blog as I find items of interest and you might see some additional sketches prefaced by the strategies I used for my research.

Thanks to all and Happy Hunting!

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Goodness I instantly knew you were look so much alike or maybe the aura spelled it out...

Me gusta

Congratulations, Donna, on your well earned retirement. Here’s to lots of personal family finds and writing in your future. Wow, you and your cousin Valerie could be sisters! ❤️

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25 oct 2023
Contestando a

Thanks Anne. I'm heading home tomorrow,

Me gusta
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