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Irish County Links

The links on this page will give you a starting point to delve into the locality where your ancestor lived.  Many are collections of links for a particular County and some sites have separate pages for each County.  Since each site is maintained locally, you may find broken links on their page which I can't control.  If, however, a link on this page is broken, please email me so I can fix it or delete it.  Also, if you've found a valuable website, let me know and I'll add it.  I'd encourage you to still "google" the name of your county (or even parish) with the word genealogy.  You may find additional resources to assist in your research. 

An additional resource to check is Katherine Willson's site, Genealogy on Facebook.

Antrim - Cavan



Antrim Genealogy - From Ireland

Antrim Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

Ballymoney Ancestry

County Antrim - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Antrim - Antrim

GENUKI - Antrim

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Antrim

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Antrim

North of Ireland Family History Society

2021 Winter Fireside Talks on the History of the Glens

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 121 (Spring 2022)


   Ballymena, County Antrim, Ulster Genealogy

   County Antrim/Down DNA Matchmaker Group


Armagh Genealogy - From Ireland

Armagh Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Armagh - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Armagh - Armagh

GENUKI - Armagh

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Armagh

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Armagh

North of Ireland Family History Society

Visit Armagh - Research and Genealogy

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 102 (Summer 2017)


   Armagh Ancestry

   Lurgan Ancestry

   County Armagh/Tyrone DNA Matchmaker Group



Carlow Genealogy - From Ireland

Carlow Genealogy and Library

Carlow Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Carlow - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Carlow - Carlow

GENUKI - Carlow

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Carlow

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Carlow - Carlow COI Records

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 97 (March 2016)


   County Carlow Ireland Genealogy Projects

   Carlow County Library

   County Carlow DNA


Breifne Historical Society

Cavan County Library

Cavan Genealogy

Cavan Genealogy - From Ireland

Cavan Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Cavan - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Cavan - Cavan

GENUKI - Cavan

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Cavan

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Cavan

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 97 (March 2016)


   Ballintemple, Co Cavan Genealogy and History

   County Cavan Ireland Genealogy Projects

   Cavan Genealogy

   County Cavan Gedmatch DNA Comparisons


Clare County Library

Clarecastle and Ballyea Parish

Clare Genealogy - From Ireland

Clare Genealogical Records - IrishAncestors

Clare Heritage and Genealogy Centre

County Clare Cemetery Records -

County Clare - Wikiwand

EnnisParish Marriage and Baptismal Register

FamilySearch - County Clare

Genealogy in Clare - Clare

GENUKI - Clare

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Clare

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Clare

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 87 (July 2013)


   County Clare IPG Genealogy Group  

   Clare Heritage and Genealogy Centre

   Clare Roots Society



Cork City and County Archives

Cork Genealogical Society

Cork Genealogical Records - IrishAncestors

Cork Genealogy - From Ireland

Cork Past and Present

County Cork Genealogy

County Cork - Wikiwand

Fáilte Romhat

FamilySearch - County Cork

GENUKI - County Cork

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Cork

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Cork

Mallow Heritage Centre

Skibbereen Heritage Centre

West Cork Genealogy

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 118 (Summer 2021)


   Cork Genealogical Society

   West Cork Genealogy

   Youghal Genealogy

   West Cork DNA




Donegal Ancestry

Donegal County Archives Collection

Donegal Genealogy - From Ireland

Donegal Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

Donegal Genealogy Resources

Donegal Library - Guide to Genealogy Resources

County Donegal - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Donegal - Donegal

GENUKI - Donegal

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Donegal

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Donegal

North of Ireland Family History Society

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 95 (September 2015)


   Donegal Genealogy    

   IGP's County Donegal Ireland Genealogy Group


Down Genealogy - From Ireland

Down Genealogical Records - IrishAncestors

County Down - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Down - Down


Ireland Genealogy Projects - Down

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Down

Ros Davies' Co. Down. Northern Ireland Family History

North of Ireland Family History Society

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 116 (Winter 2020)


   County Down Genealogy

   County Antrim/Down DNA Matchmaker Group


Dublin City Library and Archives

Dublin Genealogy - From Ireland

Dublin Genealogical Records - IrishAncestors

County Dublin - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Dublin - Dublin

GENUKI - County Dublin

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Dublin

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Dublin

Glasnevin Cemetery Museum

Guinness Storehouse Archives

Trinity College Dublin

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 94 (April 2015)


   Dublin Genealogy Information

   Dublin City Genealogy

   IGP County Dublin Genealogy Group


Fermanagh Genealogy Centre

Fermanagh Genealogy - From Ireland

Fermanagh Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Fermanagh - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Fermanagh - Fermanagh

GENUKI - Fermanagh

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Fermanagh

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Fermanagh

North of Ireland Family History Society

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 108 (Winter 2018)


   Fermanagh Genealogy Centre


Annaghdown Heritage Society

Clifden and Connemara Heritage Society

County Galway - Wikiwand

East Galway Family History Centre

FamilySearch - County Galway

Galway Genealogy - From Ireland

Galway Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors - Galway

GENUKI - Galway - Galway

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Galway

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Galway

Northeast Galway DNA Projects (YouTube Video)

Oughterard Heritage

Researching Your Family Tree - Galway County Council

Western Family History Association

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 90 (April 2014)


   Galway Genealogy

   East Galway Genealogy and DNA

   Galway Genealogy and DNA


County Kerry Y-DNA Project - FamilyTree DNA

Kerry Genealogy - From Ireland

Kerry Library and Archives

Kerry Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Kerry - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Kerry - Kerry

GENUKI - Kerry

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Kerry

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Kerry

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 91 (July 2014)


   County Kerry DNA & Genealogy

   County Kerry Genealogy

   West Kerry Names Search


Kildare Genealogy - From Ireland

Kildare Library

Kildare Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Kildare - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Kildare - Kildare

GENUKI - Kildare

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Kildare

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Kildare

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 93 (January 2015)


   Kildare Genealogy Group

   Kildare DNA


Kilkenny Genealogy - From Ireland

Kilkenny Library

Kilkenny Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Kilkenny - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Kilkenny - Kilkenny

GENUKI - Kilkenny - Kilkenny Cemeteries

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Kilkenny

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Kilkenny

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 101 (Spring 2017)


   Kilkenny County Genealogy

   IGP Kilkenny Ireland Genealogy Group


Leitrim-Roscommon Genealogy Website
Leitrim County Library - Local Studies

Leitrim Genealogy - From Ireland

Leitrim Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Leitrim - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Leitrim

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives- Leitrim - Leitrim

GENUKI - Leitrim

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 106 (Summer 2018)


   Leitrim Genealogy

   County Leitrim History and Genealogy

   South Leitrim GEDmatch DNA Project

   DNA Matching for Leitrim and Sligo 


Limerick Archives

Limerick County Library - Genealogical Resources

Limerick Genealogy - From Ireland

Limerick's Life

Limerick Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Limerick - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Limerick

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Limerick - Limerick

GENUKI - Limerick

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 92 (October 2014)


   Limerick Genealogy

   Limerick Library  

   IPG's County Limerick Genealogy

   Castlemahon (Mahoonagh) Co Limerick Genealogy

   County Limerick Genealogy DNA GEDmatch

Leix/Laois (Queens)

Laois Archives

Laois Genealogy - From Ireland

Laois Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Laois - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Laois

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Leix/Laois/Queens

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Laois - Laois

GENUKI - Laois

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 114 (Summer 2020)


   Laois Genealogy

   County Laois Genealogy

   IPG's Co. Laois Genealogy Group

   Laois DNA


Derry Central Library

Derry and Strabane Archives

Londonderry Genealogy - From Ireland

North of Ireland Family History Society

Derry Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Londonderry - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Londonderry

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Derry/Londonderry

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Derry/Londonderry - Londonderry

GENUKI - Londonderry

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 103 (Autumn 2017)


   North Derry/Londonderry Genealogy &  History Society

   County Derry Genealogy

Clare - Down
Dublin - Kerry
Kildare - Limerick
Leix/Laois - Londonderry

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