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Quick Reference Guides

If you’re curious about the content of my Irish Quick Reference Guides, you can listen to an interview I did with Lisa Louise Cooke in Episode 214 of her Genealogy Gems Podcast.  My interview starts about 20 minutes in, but I recommend you listen to the entire podcast!

Guide #1 2019 Image.png

Preparing for Success in Irish Research (2019) $6.00

This 4-page laminated quick reference guide revolves around creating a research plan to answer the two big questions inherent in Irish research…where did my ancestor come from in Ireland and how do I distinguish him or her from the others with the same name.  

Guide #2 Image 2019.png

Irish Civil Registration and Church Records (2019) $6.00

Civil registration began in Ireland in 1864 for all births, deaths and marriages (1845 for Protestant marriages).  Prior to that time, church records might provide information on baptisms, marriages and (sometimes) burials. In 2016 many of these records became available online for the first time.  This will help you find the records you need to continue your Irish research.

Guide #3 Image 2019.png

Land, Tax and Estate Records in Ireland (2019) $6.00

Had the Irish census records for the 19th century survived, Griffith’s Valuation, a tax list, would not be one of the most important resources for Irish researchers.  This Guide explains how and why Griffith’s was done, and how to squeeze from it the most information about your family. 

3 Guides 2019.png

Quick Reference Bundle $20.00 (if living outside of US, please order digital bundle)

Includes all three laminated Guides (while supplies last)

3 Guides 2019.png

Digital Quick Reference Guide Bundle $15

All three Guides in pdf format emailed to you.

Updated 1-1-2022

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