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   The pictures below are taken from a photo album passed down to me from my paternal great grandmother.  I never knew her, and my genealogy quest began after my grandmother had died.  My dad couldn't help with the identification process and so I'm asking for help!  The family names were most likely Mackey (Mackay), Johnston, Sprague, Spooner, Hay, Reoch, Walker, Eglington, Whitten, Beattie and possibly others if they were not family members.  The locality of the pictures are mainly Leitrim, Donegal, Louth, Antrim in Ireland, Leith in Scotland and Boston and New York in the US.


If you can help, please email me and I'd be happy to exchange whatever information I have.  If you copy or use a photograph, please make sure you attribute it to: Photograph in the collection of Donna Moughty,  IrishFamilyRoots.com

Cover (Our Friends)
This is the only photo in the album that had any identification. On the back it simply said "Reoch." The photo was taken by Pettigrew & Amos in Leith. The back has an image of a Gold Medal awarded 1897 so I think the picture was taken after than time. One viewer has identified the picture as Mary Hay Reoch.
Woman - Edinburgh
This photograph was taken by T J. Bonne & Co. 105 South Bridge St. Edinburgh. A google search shows that the photo studio was at this address from about 1884, but under the name of T.J. Bonne & Company from about 1895 when his wife took over the business after his death in 1895
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Norman George Spooner (1910)
Child (2)
Child 2-1
Child from Boston
Tracey - Boston Photographer
Baby - NY
1893 Sprague, Minnie
Miss Miller - Ballyshannon Photgrapher. This is a guess that the picture is of Minnie.
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Woman no location
No location or photographer listed
Woman from Dundalk
Allison & Allison - Dundalk, Photographer
Woman and child - Bundoran
Woman from Beckenham (Kent)
Valery - Photographer, Beckenham, Kent, England
Woman (3) Bundoran
Woman (2) Bundoran
Woman - England
Two Young Women from Boston
Ritz Portraits, Boston
Woman from Boston
Tracey - Boston Photographer
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Young Man from Dundalk
Galbraith - Dundalk Photographer
Young Man from Dundalk 3
Young Man Dundalk
Allisons' Photographer
Young Man Ballyshannon
Picture by Miss E. Miller, The Mall Studio, Ballyshannon
Young Man Sligo
T. Kilgannon - Sligo Photographer
Man (2) Ballyshannon
Man - Dundalk
Gilbraith - Dundalk Photographer
Man - Ballyshannon
John Willis Beattie (1879-1905)
Chipman, Bridgeport, Connecticut Photographer
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Sprague Family
Photograph taken by Allison & Allison, Dundalk. They were in business under this name beginning in 1896. Rachel Mackey Sprague and James Sprague. Children from left, George Edric (1896), Emma Florence (1894 and Rachel Hewston known as Minnie (1892).
Rachel and Robert Spooner
Photograph was taken by H. Allison & Co., Armagh, Newry, Dundalk. I think this is possible their wedding picture, married 26 Apr 1903 in Belfast.
Minnie Sprague and Rachel Mackey
Photograph taken by Allisons', Belfast, Armagh & Dundalk. My best guess is that this is a picture of Minnie and her grandmother, Rachel Mackey before she traveled to the US in 1909.
Group Bundoran
Group Bundoran
G.F. Crowder, Photographer, Enniskillen and Bundoran.
Couple Bundoran
Couple from Ballyshannon
Miss Miller - Ballyshannon photographer
Couple - Londonderry
Couple (1)
Wm Miller - Ballyshannon Photographer
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