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Irish County Links

The links on this page will give you a starting point to delve into the locality where your ancestor lived.  Many are collections of links for a particular County and some sites have separate pages for each County.  Since each site is maintained locally, you may find broken links on their page which I can't control.  If, however, a link on this page is broken, please email me so I can fix it or delete it.  Also, if you've found a valuable website, let me know and I'll add it.  I'd encourage you to still "google" the name of your county (or even parish) with the word genealogy.  You may find additional resources to assist in your research. 


An additional resource to check is Katherine Willson's site, Genealogy on Facebook.

Longford - Meath


Longford Archives

Longford County Library - Local Studies

Longford Genealogy - From Ireland

Longford Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Longford - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Longford

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Longford

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Longford - Longford

GENUKI - Longford

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 111 (Autumn 2019)


   County Longford Genealogy Group

   IPG's County Longford Genealogy

   Longford IRE Matchmaker/GEDmatch Group



Louth Archives

Louth County Library - Local Studies

Louth Genealogical Sources

Louth Genealogy - From Ireland

Louth Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Louth - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Louth

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Louth

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Louth - Louth

GENUKI - Louth

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 99 (Autumn 2016)


   Louth Genealogy

   County of Louth Genealogy


County Mayo

Mayo County Library - Genealogy

Mayo Genealogy - From Ireland

Mayo Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Mayo - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Mayo

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Mayo

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Mayo - Mayo


Visit Mayo

Home to Mayo 2022

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 86 (April 2013)


   Mayo Genealogy Group

   County Mayo History & Heritage

   Bohola, Mayo Genealogy

   Kiltimagh Genealogy

   Westport, Mayo Genealogy

   Mayo DNA and GEDmatch


Meath County Library - Local Studies and Family History

Meath Genealogy - From Ireland

Meath Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Meath - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Meath

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Meath

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Meath - Meath

GENUKI - Meath

Meath Cemetery Records -

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 109 (Spring 2019)


   County Meath Family History

   IPG Co. Meath Ireland Genealogy Group

   County Meath Gedmatch DNA Comparisons


Monaghan County Library - Local History

Monaghan Genealogy - From Ireland

Monaghan Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Monaghan - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Monaghan

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Monaghan

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Monaghan - Monaghan

GENUKI - Monaghan

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 115 (Autumn 2020)


   County Monaghan Genealogy

   IPG Co.. Monaghan Genealogy Group

   Monaghan Ireland DNA


Offaly (Kings)

Offaly County Library - Local Studies

Offaly Genealogy - From Ireland

Offaly Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Offaly - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Offaly

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Offaly

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Offaly - Offaly

GENUKI - Offaly

Offaly History

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 119 (Autumn 2021)


   County Offaly Genealogy

   Offaly DNA and Genealogy




Roscommon County Library - Local Studies and Archives

Roscommon Genealogy - From Ireland

Roscommon Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Roscommon - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Roscommon

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Roscommon

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Roscommon - Roscommon

GENUKI - Roscommon

Leitrim-Roscommon Genealogy

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 99 (Autumn 2022)


   County Roscommon Ireland Genealogy

   Roscommon Ireland DNA

   County Roscommon, Ireland Genealogy DNA Match


Sligo County Library - Local Studies and Archives

Sligo Genealogy - From Ireland

Sligo Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Sligo - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Sligo

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Sligo

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Sligo - Sligo

GENUKI - Sligo

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 81 (January 2013)


   County Sligo Ireland Genealogy

   County Leitrim and Sligo DNAMatchFinder


County Tipperary

Tipperary County Library - Tipperary Studies

Tipperary Genealogy - From Ireland

Tipperary Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Tipperary - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Tipperary

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Tipperary

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Tipperary - Tipperary

GENUKI - Tipperary

Clonmel Graveyards

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 107 (Autumn 2018)


   Tipperary Genealogy

   Genealogy in North Tipperary

   IGP's County Tipperary Ireland Genealogy Group

   Suir Valley, South Tipperary Genealogy & History


County Tyrone

Tyrone County Library - Irish and Local History

Tyrone Genealogy - From Ireland

Tyrone Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Tyrone - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Tyrone

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Tyrone

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Tyrone - Tyrone

GENUKI - Tyrone

Mellon Centre for Migration Studies - Omagh, Tyrone

Ulster American Folk Park

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 110 (summer 2019)


   County Tyrone Ireland Genealogy

   The Original Co. Tyrone Ireland Genealogy Group

   Co Armagh/Tyrone DNA Matchmaker Group


Waterford County Library - Local History

Waterford Genealogy - From Ireland

Waterford Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Waterford - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Waterford

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Waterford

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Waterford - Waterford

GENUKI - Waterford

Waterford Archives

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 116 (Winter 2020)


   County Waterford Genealogy

   Waterford City Genealogy

   Waterford DNA Matchmaker Group


Westmeath County Library - Local Studies

Westmeath Genealogy - From Ireland

Westmeath Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Westmeath - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Westmeath

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Westmeath

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Westmeath - Westmeath

GENUKI - Westmeath

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 88 (Autumn 2013)


   IPG Co. Westmeath Genealogy Group

   County Westmeath Gedmatch DNA Comparisons




Wexford County Library - Local Studies

Wexford Genealogy - From Ireland

Wexford Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Wexford - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Wexford

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Wexford

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Wexford - Wexford

GENUKI - Wexford

County Wexford Archive

Wexford Cemetery Listings -

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 124 (Winter 2022)


   County Wexford Genealogy and History



Wicklow County Library - Local Studies

Wicklow Genealogy - From Ireland

Wicklow Genealogical Records - Irish Ancestors

County Wicklow - Wikiwand

FamilySearch - County Wicklow

Ireland Genealogy Projects - Wicklow

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive - Wicklow - Wicklow

GENUKI - Wicklow

Wicklow County Archives

Wicklow Cemetery Listings -

Irish Roots Magazine Volume 122 (Summer 2022)


   South Wicklow Genealogy

   IGP's County Wicklow Ireland Genealogy Group

   Our Wicklow Heritage

Monaghan - Sligo
Tipperary - Waterford
Westmeath - Wicklow

Updated 2-1-2023

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