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2020 Irish Research Trips


National Library - Dublin


Titanic Museum - Belfast

Covid-19 Update

I have now cancelled the 2020 Ireland Research Trip.  I am disappointed, but feel it is the safest thing to do.  I will post dates for the 2021 trip as soon as I hear from the hotels (which are currently closed).

   The 2020 Research Trips to both Dublin and Belfast have now been scheduled.    The Belfast trip will will be first, from Saturday, October 10 to Saturday, October 17 staying at The Belfast Hilton.  The Hilton is about a 15 minute walk from PRONI and less than that to the Ulster Historical Foundation and the Linen Hall Library.  The week’s research includes the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI), the Ulster Historical Foundation, The Mellon Centre for Migration Studies, and the North of Ireland Family History Society.  The Belfast trip also includes a trip to the Ulster American Folk Park in Omagh, Tyrone.


   The trip to Dublin will run from Saturday, October 17 to Saturday, October 24, 2020. We will again be staying at Buswells Hotel, just across the street from the National Library.  The week’s research includes The National Library, The National Archives, The Valuation Office, The Registry of Deeds and the General Register Office.  Additional repositories can be scheduled on an as needed basis. The Dublin trip also includes a visit to EPIC–the Irish Emigration Museum, the Irish Family History Centre and a Pub Night with dinner and Irish music. Even at this early date, Buswells' availability is limited.  There are only 3 twin rooms, so if you would like to book with a friend, please do so as soon as possible.  If you require any additional nights at the end of the trip at Buswells, you will need to book directly with the hotel.  Monday, October 26th is a bank holiday and the Dublin Marathon is run that day.  I always encourage visiting the area where your ancestors lived so you might want to make plans outside of Dublin at the end of the trip.

   I hope you’ll consider the trip in 2020.  In both cases I have added an additional night (Saturday) since almost everyone flies in a day early to adjust to the overnight flight and time change. In order to register, you must know where in Ireland your ancestors lived. All research in Ireland is dependent on time and place and unless you know that location you're research is not likely to be successful.  Registration for each trip is limited to the first 15 researchers (non-researching companions are welcome to join you).  If you’re not sure if you are ready for the trip, consider scheduling a consultation.

   You can follow the 2019 trip by scrolling to October 2nd on my blog page. Here's a link to a blog written by Ann Raymont who attended the 2019 Dublin Research Trip. 

Belfast Registration                            2020 Belfast Flyer


Dublin Registration                            2020 Dublin Flyer











Guest Blogs

Polly Fitzgerald Kimmitt, CG

Mirta Ramer

Jean Humeniuk

Lorraine Walsh

John Seymour



Comments from previous trips…

"It's a great idea - have an expert guide your navigation for the first time visit. It really saved me a lot of time, and helped me maximize the research. I came home with about 100 records I hadn't seen before. It was quite a revelation to me that there were actually that many items to collect out there. I really can't wait to come back and get supplements, now that I know the terrain well. Thanks Donna!"

"You accommodated my need for RCBL and GRO perfectly. Like the Registry of Deeds, they aren't applicable for everyone, but you facilitated everyone's priorities very well."

"This is such a beautifully organized trip, and I really appreciate all the guidance. I think it's extra good that we had some open days to go back to other repositories. I think it would have been unfortunate if I were forced to go to places that didn't apply to me, and sacrifice more time at other places, for instance. Those last couple days were great for me - I went back to the Archives and the Valuation office, and saw other fellow researchers there too!"

"The longer that I am home the more I feel that it was an awesome adventure, quite enjoyed Belfast and could have spent more time there, learned a lot about my relatives and Ireland, and continue to work on the DNA one of Martin's friends is on my DNA, getting DNA from a cousin, just not enough hours in the day 

“The trip was great from beginning to end and the attention that you gave to everyone’s individual research throughout the week was beyond my expectations."

"I could never have navigated all these repositories in a week without the orientation and support you provided. It would have taken me several trips and far greater expense to find the documents and information I found in one week with you. This was a fabulous opportunity. Thank you for making it available to us.”

“Donna was very knowledgeable and I learned so much about what and where I should be researching.”

"The orientation at the NLI was good and help me to find and use the resources I wanted to look at. At the National Archives, I did not know what to look at. It was helpful when we were showed the different indexes and resources and where they were located. The trip was a great experience, thank you.”

“All the help that was given, (esp. by Donna), and the various staff people, defiantly made our trip to both Belfast, and Dublin a howling success. !!!”

"Fantastic trip, loved every minute of it, your knowledge , help and company was very much appreciated and I thank you very much."

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Updated 22 April 2020

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