Upcoming Lakewood Ranch Events

January 4, 2021    Breaking through your Brick Walls — This will be a moderated session.  If you have a brick wall, contact Nancy Johnson (ethel484cr@gmail.com) who will be coordinating this meeting.


February 1, 2021    Find the Silver Lining In the Cloud — The cloud is becoming home to many tools and functions that make our computing life easier every day. Learn which tools are useful for your genealogical research and how to implement those tools for optimum productivity. Cyndi Ingles (CyndisList)


March 1, 2021    Clustering – What is it and How to Do It – Grouping your DNA matches into clusters allows for brick wall breakthroughs. Learn how to develop clusters and the various tools available to help with the process.  Peggy Jude


April 5, 2021    2018-2019 Wrap-up.  April is the last meeting for the season— Program to be announced.