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Day 1 in Ireland

Updated: Dec 26, 2018


 My day on Wednesday started early in Sarasota with a JetBlue flight to JFK.  The beauty of this connection is that Aer Lingus departs from the JetBlue terminal at JFK, so once checked, my luggage appears in Dublin.  I had quite e a bit of time to kill in NY, but again the JetBlue terminal has great WiFi and workstations so I got quite of bit of work done.  I usually take the late flight to Dublin so when I arrive there is at least the possibility of a room being available.  If you’re on a flight that arrives at 6 am, you will typically have to wait until afternoon for a room.  Check in time is 3 pm.


   The flights to Ireland are overnight flights, and I arrived in Ireland about 9 am.  We were late getting in (a passenger had a panic attack in NY and had to leave the plane, along with his luggage).  Another international flight had arrived in Dublin at the same time, so it took a bit of time to get through Immigration, but nothing major.  My two sisters are traveling with me this year, and their luggage came off quickly but mine, did not appear.  When the last of the luggage came off I walked over to Aer Lingus Customer Service and there was my luggage…it had been put on the earlier flight.

   Just as an FYI, they have added two ATM’s in baggage claim at Dublin next to the Bureau de Change.  You can get your Euros there.  If you’re headed to Belfast and need Pounds Sterling, you can get them from the Bureau de Change.

   Tomorrow I’ll be finalizing some of the arrangements and leaving for Belfast on Saturday morning.

   Happy Hunting!

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