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Day 11 - Arrival Day in Dublin

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Christ Church Cathedral - Dublin

   Today was a relatively quiet day.  Some attended services at Christ Church Cathedral for the 11:00 sung Eucharist with their wonderful choir.  The preacher was Mary McAleese, the former President of Ireland and now a canon at the Cathedral.  After the service we had the opportunity to tour the Cathedral as well as join the members in the crypt for tea and coffee.  

   I spent the afternoon greeting some of the new arrivals while many spent the afternoon sightseeing.  We had a group dinner to kick off the program and were joined by Fiona Fitzsimons and Brian Donovan.  Lots of great discussion!  Some of the new arrivals, tired from their travels, left after dinner, but Brian and Fiona stayed to discuss a large range of topics.  Serious research begins tomorrow at the National Archives.

   Happy Hunting!

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