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Day 19 - Personal Research

I spent most of today at PRONI researching my Moag and Rush lines. On this trip I've developed a number of hypothesis about the Moag family. I believe the John Moag/Moak in Ballymurphy in the early 1800's is the father of Stewart (based on this age in the lease). The surprise was that he listed his son Samuel at 2 years old in 1805 (Deb Thalner's line). My theory is his first wife, Mary Petticrew died and he had a second marriage and family. The question is, where are the records! Stewart took over the lease in 1829 so the gravestone we found on Saturday probably dates to about that time.

The John in Ballycrune, an adjoining townland is my line. My theory here is that this John is one of the unknown children from the first marriage. My William, married in 1852, named his father as John and there are no other candidates. I may have found a record today of a "certificate received" at the Presbyterian church of a marriage in 1814 at the Church of Ireland. That fits with when my John started to have children, so I'm going to try to find that marriage tomorrow. Times getting short since I'll only be here until Wednesday. So much to do, so little time!

Happy Hunting!

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