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Happy Thanksgiving

First let me begin by wishing you and yours a Happy (and Safe) Thanksgiving. My daughter, who is between jobs, drove down from Virginia two weeks ago and it's been wonderful having her visit. She will be leaving on Thursday to drive home (to start her new job on Sunday), so we will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Wednesday. And we are thankful. Our family and friends have been safe from COVID so far. My husband and I are being careful, going out for groceries and once a week working in a food pantry associated with our church. We've been working there for over two years and pre-COVID we served between 75 and 100 families a week. The numbers have grown each week since COVID began and this past Friday, we ran out of food after serving 225 families. If you have an opportunity and are able to donate to your local food bank or pantry, please consider it. The need is so great.

The holiday decorations are up at our Mall and the Black Friday deals have been on for a couple of weeks. If you're thinking of making this a DNA Holiday, check out all of the deals currently being offered on my Promotions page. Watch the end dates...many of the current deals are ending this week. From now until November 27th, MyHeritage is offering their DNA kit for $39. I think that's the lowest price I've seen.

Will there be more deals? Probably, and I'll try to keep you informed both on the Promotions page, as well as on Facebook and Twitter, so follow me for the latest information.

Is the cheapest test the best one for you? Keep in mind how information can be moved around. If you, your cousins or other family members have tested at Ancestry, be aware that you can not transfer your DNA information into Ancestry or 23andme. You can, however, move your results from Ancestry into FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage and LivingDNA which gives you the opportunity to play in multiple pools.

The DNA companies are also offering special pricing on the Health kits as well (hopefully you read last week's blog). And it's not only DNA. Findmypast has had a promotion of 25% off (but it ends tonight). The Irish Newspaper Archive is currently offering 50% off their normal subscription price. Vivid-Pix is offering online education, as well as a Buy one/Gift One Promotion.

So let the Holidays begin! Order online; Stay Home and Stay Safe. There appears to be light at the end of the tunnel with vaccines available by the Spring.

Happy Hunting!

The Dublin Research Trip for 2021 is now sold out, however I am taking a wait list as there may be people who may not be able to attend. Let me know if you're interested. That will also put you at the top of the list for the 2022 trip. There are still a few more spaces left for Belfast.

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