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When I look at Google Analytics, the most hits on my website are for the Blog, followed by the Resources and Irish Research Trips. As I mentioned in the last blog, the biggest frustration is trying to find a specific topic in one of the blogs. Now there are two ways to find information.

The top bar in the Blog which begins with "All Posts" allows you to scroll through all of the posts I've written...interesting but not very time efficient. Immediately after that are the various categories I've selected for the posts. If you click on "Getting Started" you'll only see those posts that have that category listed.

Since there is not enough room on the bar for all of the categories, if you hover over the word "More" you will get a drop down menu of the other categories. Each blog post can have up to 10 categories, so you'll see many of the posts listed in multiple places.

I'm sure I haven't listed everything you are interested in, so if there is a category you think I've missed, let me know. You can also search for a specific word in the posts. For example, if you're just interested in something about the Petty Session records, click on the magnifying glass and search for "petty."

You'll get all of the blogs with that word. You could also search for a name, since I frequently use examples from my own family, or those where I have received permission. For example, you might want to know what I've written about the Daly family.

Remember, you can also leave a comment. I'm always interested in what you think or have to say whether you agree or disagree. Perhaps you are aware of another resource, or have had experience using a particular record source that you are willing to share with the community. Remember, you have to be logged in to make a comment. I would ask that you always be respectful and kind with your comments. Sometimes the written words can be misinterpreted, so re-read before you send.😀

Happy Hunting!

Trying to figure out where in Ireland you're ancestors were born? Check out my Quick Reference Guide #1, Preparing for Success In Irish Research.

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Unknown member
Jan 06, 2019

When you go back onto your laptop make sure you refresh the page. It should be better there as well.


Hi, Donna, it was on my laptop. Right now I’m on my iPad, and the top is only about 1/6 the page, so the blog and other squares have plenty of room to read and scroll. I. Hope this makes sense. It is much better on the iPad.


Unknown member
Jan 05, 2019

Hi Ellen, What type of device are you reading on...pc, tablet or phone? You should be able to scroll down. Yesterday I enlarged the header to add a banner. I've moved it to the bottom and made the header smaller. Does that help? One thing I discovered is that I can't resize the graphics the way I used to. It has to do with the ability to make the site "mobile friendly" so you may have to do some scrolling.


Hi, Donna, I'm only getting the blog post on the bottom half of my screen. Is there a way for me to close the top Irish Family Roots and home bar to give me full page readability? Thanks, Ellen

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