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Sunday - First full day in Dublin

Christ Church Cathedral - Dublin (Church of Ireland)

Today, the rest of the group were scheduled for their Consultations at the Irish Family History Centre and to visit EPIC . I started the day with Pat and Bill at Christ Church Cathedral for their 11:00 service. I love listening to their Cathedral Choir.


After we saw you today at the Family History Center, we walked down to Sir John Robinson Quay, developed by our direct ancestor in the early 1700s. I think it is our 7x gr- grandfather but will have to spend some time with my tree to be sure. Bob took photos of me by the street sign and by the water, which I will send to my brother/fellow researcher who is in Vermont, waiting to hear of any findings.


Had an interesting visit at the 14 Henrietta Street museum yesterday. It's on a street of Georgian buildings from the 1700s where the wealthiest once lived and located about half a block from the Registry of Deeds. The original owner was Lord Molesworth and it covers the glory period of 1700s to the decline into tenements by the late 1800s. By then 17 large families were living there with only two toilets and a cold water spigot in the basement. The last tenant moved out in 1979 after the building was condemned. It's an interesting piece of social history and well done with lots of input from folks who grew up in the tenements on the street.
Also enjoyed the consultation this morning at the Irish Family History Center. The advisor used tithe applotment entries to map out Craig families in Sligo and demonstrate how they might have arrived from Scotland and then spread out. A nice "big picture" view

It's interesting that Deb visited this museum. I am in the process of ready a series of books by Jean Grainger, one of my favorite Irish fiction authors which begins with a family in the Henrietta Street tenements. You can check out Jean Grainer on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Anne (who had her Consultation yesterday) spent the morning at The National Gallery and got to enjoy some lovely art. I’m a big devotee of Vermeer and loved seeing “Woman Writing a Letter, with her Maid.”

However, the big highlight of the day was our fun reception this evening. The group really came to life tonight! Plus, we were in the esteemed presence of John Grenham, Fiona Fitzsimmons, Brian Donovan and Kaleigh and Laura from the Irish Family History Centre. So amazing.

Anne was much faster with her camera than I was and took some great pictures of the group and our guests at the Reception

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