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Updated Irish Quick Reference Guides

Fiding a Locality; Church and Civil Records; Land Tax and Estate Records
Three Irish Quick Reference Guides

Another thing that has been on my to do list for a while, is updating the Quick Reference Guides I created in 2018. I did update them in 2019, but they needed another update. The information contained in the new Guides has not dramatically changed, but many of the links were broken and some of the dates for records have changed to be in line with the Irish Data Protection Guidelines.

I decided not to print the Guides (which will make them easier to update), but will provide them as PDFs. When you order them from my Store, I will email you the files. The downside of this, is once I email them they are out of my control, but I hope that as good genealogists and family historians you will understand that the material is copyrighted and can't be further copied or forwarded. If you know someone that would be interested, please sent them to my website. At $12.00 they are less than half the cost of the original printed Guides.

I also spent time working on my Daly family in March. I had files that were filled with copies of records (dating back to the early 1990s) and I filled the re-cycle bins multiple times. I was able add the census, immigration and military records to my digital files and rid myself of lots of paper. I scanned some additional photographs and the yearly Christmas Letters from all of the cousins. That was a way to keep the family information up to date...the cousins, their children, and now grandchildren. I wish I could say I'm finished, but this family will be put back into the rotation.

So as I begin April, I'll move on to the Moag family. This is another family, this time on my side, which I began working on back in the 1990s. I've corrected some of my early errors. (see I'm Confused! Separating John Moags). Like most of my files, I need to clean them out to rid myself of all of the extra pieces of paper. I'm likely in better shape to begin writing about this family. There is an active Moag family group on Facebook which includes members from the US, Canada, Ireland, and South Africa. We'll see how much I can get done in April.

Happy Hunting!

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