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Day 11 - The Titanic Museum and Afternoon Tea

Today was a fun activity to start the week off in Belfast. The group visited the Titanic Museum. The museum covers the building of the Titanic and her sister ship, The Olympic in the Harlan and Wolff shipyard, but also what life was like for the people living in and around Belfast. This was interesting to me, as I've discovered that my 2x great grandmother's brother worked in the ship yards in Belfast. The visit included not only the museum, but also a tour of the SS Nomadic, the last existing ship of the White Star Line. This was the tender that took passengers out to the ship in Cherbourg on their fateful journey.

One of the group arrived a little bit late, as she had arranged for a cemetery tour and found the grave of her ancestors. Very exciting!

We ended the day with Afternoon Tea at the Titanic Hotel across the street from the Museum. The hotel is in the former offices of Harlan and Wolff.

I didn't think to take this picture until after we had devoured the sandwiches, scones and pastries.

Tomorrow research begins at PRONI.

Happy Hunting!

If you're wondering what happened to Day 10 since I didn't write a blog yesterday, those coming from Dublin arrived by train in Belfast and had the day free. One member joined us by taking the bus from the Dublin Airport to Belfast.

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