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Day 14 - Back at PRONI

The Search Room at PRONI. You order documents using the terminals on the left.

There's not too much to add today. The hard core group of researchers returned to continue their research primarily in manuscript records. Manuscripts are hard! It requires a great deal of patience to read through a lot of information to find those nuggets of gold! All but one of the researchers with me in Belfast were also in Dublin and some just needed a break. Some went out sightseeing today or decided to stay in the hotel and reorganize their research. Having collected a lot of documentation, you need to make sure you've noted that in your research plan and having answered your research question, determine the next steps. I know from my own experience if you don't do that, you'll arrive home and perhaps wait a while and they look at all of the photos and documents and think...why did I take that photo...or what was the source.

Tomorrow morning, two researchers are visiting the Presbyterian Historical Society in the morning and the rest of the group will be visiting the North of Ireland Family History Society. I'm looking forward to that.

Happy Hunting!

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I am so jealous being able to return to Ireland. I will someday !! She is right, when I got home from Ireland, it took me over 3 yrs to get back to my notes and I am still going thru them. Life just gets in the way!! Have a great trip tomorrow to the Family History Society, really nice people. I learned a lot of information on my Glasgow's there. Ellen, 2019 Belfast Ireland Trip.

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