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Day 15 - Open Research and Back To Our Past

Updated: Dec 26, 2018


Dr. Maurice Gleason was the moderator of the ethics panel discussion

 Lots of scurrying around today to finish up some last minute research.  People were at the National Archives, the National Library and the Valuation Office (and there was some sightseeing involved).  I headed over to the Genetic Genealogy Conference at Back to Our Past (BTOP) and attended four lectures.  

   The BTOP exhibition held at the RDS in Dublin has shrunk considerably from previous years.  Ancestry and FamilyTree DNA were there, but the majority of the exhibits were small tables.  The presentations were held in a curtained off area of the exhibit hall making it hard to hear.  It was great seeing some friends there, however. 

   The Genetic Genealogy Conference was held in a meeting room upstairs and was standing room only for the ones I attended.  There was a wide range of excellent speakers (I have to admit that some were over my head😀).  I especially enjoyed the panel discussion on ethics and a presentation on DNA Painter.  Many of the lectures from previous conferences are posted on YouTube at the Genetic Genealogy Ireland site. Keep checking back and I expect that most of the lectures will appear there in the next few months. You can also join the Facebook page for updates. 

  Happy Hunting!

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