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Day 15 - Registry of Deeds and Open Research

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Registry of Deeds - Dublin

   Today most of the group continued their work at the various repositories that best fit their needs, including the National Library, National Archives, Valuation Office and the General Register Office.  The new repository today was the Registry of Deeds…not a place that everyone needed to visit.  Just as an FYI, there are multiple facilities as part of this office and the one with the historical records is at Henrietta Street (near the Kings Inn). 

   Paul Gorry, a professional genealogist and specialist in the material at the Registry of Deeds provided a tour and explanation of the holdings and how to work with them.  Most of the deeds would be filed by the middle and upper classes, and primarily (but not exclusively) Protestants.  The material here covers the period from the early 1700s through about 1900 (although some of the indexes go later).  The deeds can be searched by grantor or by locality.   A volunteer group is creating an index to the deeds, and although it is not complete it can be helpful.

   Of the five researchers who went to the Registry of Deeds, all found something to view. 

   This evening everyone went to the Brazen Head Pub, purported to be the oldest pub in Dublin dating to 1198, for an evening of “Food, Folklore & Fairies.” Between the three courses of the meal, we heard the stories passed down through generations, of the lives of our 19th century ancestors and enjoyed some rollicking music.

   As we're coming to the end of the week, everyone is scrambling to get all of the last minute research done and wishing they had another week.  There is also the Back To Our Past and Genetic Genealogy Conferences this weekend at the RDS. Oh well, maybe another trip next year!

   Happy Hunting!

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