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Day 18 - Finding Your American Cousins

Audience at the Templepatrick Hilton for lecture on Finding Your American Cousins

I'm on day 18 and today I did a lecture for the North of Ireland Family History Society on Finding your American Cousins. Yes, I told them we were looking for them and yes, I told them to do a DNA test. This is the first time the Society has done a Sunday seminar and they were concerned about the turnout. They had nothing to worry about with over 100 people attending. The publicity for the event was excellent. It seemed that everywhere I went this week I saw a flyer for my talk. Yesterday I stopped into the Parish Church (COI) in Annahilt (which was open as their were painters working) and there on the table beside the bulletins was a flyer on my lecture! Thank to everyone there for an excellent job.

For the next few days I'll be working on some of my own family research. Hopefully I'll be able to solve some of my problems.

Happy Hunting!

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