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Day 4 - Arrival Day and Consultations

Dinner at the Quay Restaurant in Temple Bar

Today was arrival day for Research Group participants. Some came in a day or two early, and a few had been here touring or visiting areas where their ancestors lived for a week or two. For those who had been here for a while, the Consultations at the Irish Family History Centre were scheduled. I didn’t want those flying in from overseas and arriving early this morning to have to deal with doing a consultation today so those consultations are scheduled for tomorrow. Along with each consultation is a ticket to EPIC, the Irish Emigration Museum.

Some people jumped right into their research and already had documents requested for the Reading Room at the National Library. Others were able to go to the Library to pick up their Reader's Ticket. You can apply for your Reader's Ticket before you arrive and begin ordering material. You cannot pick up the material, however, until you have your physical card. This is important since material is delivered only twice a day so you want to plan to have material waiting for you...not the other way around. We were in was the first Saturday that the Library has been open since before Covid. The plan is for the Library to be open at least one Saturday a month going forward. Other than that it was a free day. Some members of the group gathered in the lobby about 5 o’clock for dinner. Seven of us went over to the Quay Restaurant in Temple Bar for a great Irish meal; fish and chips, salmon, Irish Stew, Guinness Beef Stew and muscles. Of course there was Guinness and Cider as well. We typically have dinner fairly early so people can either update their research or just go to bed early.

Tomorrow is the first day with an activity scheduled which is a Reception at 5:00 which includes local Genealogists Fiona Fitzsimons, and John Grenham, as well as the Consultants from the Irish Family History Centre. Participants are free early in the day for any other activities including sightseeing. I think everyone is eager to get to work on their genealogy.

Happy Hunting!

Here are some comments from today...

Happy Hunting!

From Sheila...

We’re off to a great start today, already learning how to use the amazing Dublin archives to get a peek into Kerry life in the early 1800s. The amazing architecture and energizing Dublin street vibes are a real plus, and Donna is a gracious leader!

From Kathleen...

After checking into the hotel, I took a late afternoon stroll around the Grafton Street shopping district. The evening was spent over a lovely meal at the Quay's Irish Restaurant. Today was for settling in and meeting my fellow genealogy mates.

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