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Day 5 - Consultations and Reception

Welcome Reception at Buswells Hotel

Today was the last light day on the schedule. The people who arrived on Saturday were scheduled for their consultations and visit to EPIC. Some people went out sightseeing or other planned activities. I went to Christ Church Cathedral this morning, something I do most years.

The Welcome Reception was scheduled at 5 o’clock at the hotel giving everyone a chance to meet if they hadn't already done so. I brought in some additional guests to join the group including Fiona Fitzsimons from Eneclann, and John Grenham (the author of Tracing Your Irish Ancestors, as well as the IrishAncestors website). Fiona O'Mahony and Declan Brady from the Irish Family History Centre joined us as well.

Tomorrow begins the real work with a day spent at the National Library of Ireland.

Happy Hunting!

Here are some comments from today and some additional pictures taken by Kathleen at the reception...

From Ellen...

I had a great session with Kayleigh yesterday. Within the thirty minute consultation, she provided information that I believe will help me break through one of my brick walls. Using that same technique, I think I broke through a brick wall on another line. It was well worth the time. I am planning to go back to see her next week on my own time.

From Lark...

I had a wonderful session with Kayleigh yesterday. She was able to help me with several issues I've been unable to resolve for several years now. And she pointed me in the direction of several resources I didn't know about. Can't wait to do more research!

From Therese...

My experience with Kayleigh was almost emotionally overwhelming. I had to work hard not to break down into tears when she confirmed my research and gave me more information. Coincidentally, she has a close female friend with my Coyne family names in her family! Also, she gave me the name of a local historian to contact and possibly meet when I travel to Kildare next week!

I always thought that it would be too difficult to find my ancestral home, but, now to be able to finally “walk their footsteps” is a dream com true!

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