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Day 7 - Valuation Office and EPIC

Researchers at EPIC and the Family History Centre

Today the group split up with half researching at the Valuation Office in the morning while the other half visited the EPIC museum. At noon the groups met up for a presentation on historical research (what do you do when there are no more records) given by Declan Brady of the Irish Family History Centre. The groups then switched places for the afternoon.

The Valuation Office is located in the Irish Life Centre, just on the north side of the Liffey River. It contains the Revision Books, the follow on to Griffith's Valuation. Remember, since Griffith's was a tax list it had to be kept up to date, so the Revision Books start within a few years of Griffith's and in some cases follow the property into the 1980s. It's a great way to find cousins still living in Ireland! 18 counties have now been digitized, however they can only be viewed on terminals in the Valuation Office. Counties not yet digitized are still researched in the original books. (Here's a link to a document that gives the approximate time frame when Griffith's was done in each county.)

EPIC is the Irish Emigration Museum located in the Customs House Quay (just a few blocks from the Valuation Office). Also located here is the Irish Family History Centre.

The next two days are mostly independent research, although part of the group will be going to The Registry of Deeds tomorrow afternoon.

Happy Hunting!

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