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It’s my 11th Blogiversary!

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

   Yes, it’s true…my first blog post was on 30 July 2007.  Since that time, I’ve written a blog most Mondays with only occasional misses.  When I’ve been in Ireland, I’ve blogged each day, so for most years that means over 60 blogs, times 11…WOW, that 660 blogs!

   So what am I doing for this blogiversary?  I’m not quite ready to go live with my new website, but it is coming along. After trying a number of platforms, I’ve decided to use Wix for the project.  It was the easiest to use, and I was able to set up the site without too much hysteria.  If you’d like a sneak peak, you can visit the site here.  I haven’t populated everything yet, as it’s not live on my personal domain. When that happens, URLs will change, so I’m more interested right now in the look and feel of the site.  And yes, I am soliciting feedback.  Do you find it easy to read?  Is it intuitive? Is there anything you either love or hate?  Anything missing that you would like to see added?  You can email me or just leave a comment on FaceBook.  

 Here are two links to a request for information on Social Networking which came in on the survey.  

One other request was for information on sources for Irish research.  Check out my Links page.

  Happy Hunting!

I’ll be at the Celtic Connections Conference in Massachusetts on August 10 and 11. Hope to see you there.

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