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Southern California Jamboree 2018

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

   First, I’d like to thank everyone who shared last week’s blog.  I received lots of positive comments and I hope it helped people better understand how to use maps in their Irish research.  If you’re new to my blog, click to the right to subscribe.  You can also follow my Donna Moughty Irish Genealogy page on Facebook. 

   This week I’m in California for the Jamboree.  I actually came out a few days early to visit my daughter who moved to Los Angeles last December.  We’ve been busy sightseeing so I don’t have a big blog for this week.

   At the Jamboree, Thursday is DNA Day with lots of experts lecturing.  I plan to attend a number of the sessions.  I’ll be doing a lecture at 5 pm on Thursday titled My DNA Journey.  I don’t see myself as an “expert” and submitted this talk thinking it would be a general session. This is a lecture for beginners or those who have tested and don’t know how to make sense out of their results.  For years I attended every DNA lecture and walked away thinking “why do I want to do this?”  This lecture is not technical and I use my experience and a case studies to show how to use shared matches to identify potential connections.

   On Friday I'm doing two lectures.  First, at 10 am,  Preparing for a Research Trip, Home or Abroad, and at 2 pm another case study lecture on Griffith’s Valuation.

On Saturday, at 8 am (yes, early) I’m doing my final lecture, Irish Research: What’s Next After the Basics.  Irish researchers quickly hit a point where the major record sources end.  Using cluster genealogy you may be able to move back or even forward to find cousins still living in Ireland.  

   If you’re in California and attending Jamboree, please make a point of introducing yourself.


   Happy Hunting!

Don’t forget to register for the  Celtic Connections Conference in  Newton, Massachusetts August 10-11, 2018

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