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Updated: Dec 29, 2018

   I want to thank all of you that have responded to the survey I posted last week. Your thoughtful comments about what you would like to see in the future are very helpful.   If you haven’t yet responded, the survey is still open and you have until next Sunday to respond.  Don’t forget to enter yourself into the drawing for a set of the Irish Quick Reference Guides.

  One of the comments that appeared multiple times was the problem of searching the site for specific topics (one of my reasons for looking at alternative platforms).  In the meantime, here’s how you find a topic on my blog.  Use your search engine (Google or some other) to search.  Type in the topic you are looking for followed by  So for example, if you wanted to know what I've written on Griffith’s Valuation you would type:

   Griffith’s Valuation

If you were looking for mentions of County Mayo type:


   This limits your search to that phrase only on my site and blog.  It works for any site on the Internet.  If you are trying to find material from any website you can limit the search by typing the search string followed by the words, site:URL.  I hope this is helpful as I work toward a better solution.

   Someone asked about Norman names in Ireland.  John Grenham wrote a blog post on this which you can read here. When you’re looking for information like this, again, try to “Google” or search for it.  Type in Norman names in Ireland.  There are quite a few hits.

   Multiple people indicated their interest in new databases or other online resources for their Irish research.  If there is a major addition, I’ll likely write about it on the blog, but another place to get that information is from my DonnaMoughtyGenealogy Facebook page or my @DMoughty Twitter feed.  In both cases, I curate information from other sites and share it, as well as add information or my own comments about Irish research. It is a faster way to get information out between blogs, as well as let you know about any special offers from the database or DNA companies (you can also find that information in my Store under Current Promotions).  You won’t find pictures of my grandchild or other topics in either of those places…it is exclusively Irish genealogy

   A few people asked about pricing for the Research Trips.  One of the largest parts of the cost is the hotel and I have to wait until they can provide the pricing.  It goes up each year and there is also the issue of currency conversion.  I’ve just gotten the pricing from Dublin which was substantially higher for 2019, but I am still waiting for the pricing for Belfast.  You’ll typically see it posted around the beginning of August.  This year the cost for Dublin was $2,700 for a single and $2,000 per person for a double/twin.  The Belfast pricing was $1,850 for a single and $1,400 per person for a double/twin.  If you are interested in 2019 please send me an email so I can add you to the mailing list as soon as the pricing is complete.

   That’s a quick update.  Keep the questions and suggestions coming.

   Happy Hunting!


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