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Celtic Connections is here

Saturday was the first day of the Celtic Connections Conference. Founded in 2014, the Conference occurs every two years. The last two have been virtual which not only gives people from around the world the opportunity to "attend" but also allows for more speakers and topics. The Conference this year runs from July 9 - September 30 and 22 national and international speakers will deliver more than 50 presentations. There are six Conference Tracks and 15 live chats hosted by the presenters. In addition, individuals who are not already members of TIARA (The Irish Ancestral Research Association) will receive an annual membership. All for $99. Wow!

I love the flexibility of virtual conferences (especially with today's travel nightmares) as I can choose when to watch the presentations and don't have to miss a lecture if it conflicts with one of my presentations, or another one I want to attend. You can check out the Presenters and Topics here.

So here's your call to action! If you haven't already done it, register now. You've got plenty of time to view all of the presentations and to get your questions in for the various Chat session.

Happy Hunting!

One of my lectures is "Researching in Ireland: Your Guide Tour." I have been taking groups to Ireland to research since 2012 and because of some last minute cancellations, there are a few spaces left for both Dublin (October 15-22) and Belfast (October 22-29). Information can be found here, but the window is quickly closing. This is a research trip (not a tour) and you do need to know where in Ireland your ancestor lived. Email me if you are interested.

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I agree 100% on virtual conferences! As a novice to TAIRA, I would appreciate learning what it offers to those of us using online tools. Thank you!

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