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Day 16 - The Belfast Research Trip Ends

Today was the final day for the Belfast research trip. Many of the researchers squeezed in some last minute research at PRONI and a few decided that today was a day for sightseeing. Our final event was dinner at The Barge Restaurant on the Lagan River not far from our hotel. We were joined by William Roulston from the Ulster Historical Society.

For the researchers traveling home in the morning, as well as those headed out for a visit to their ancestral homes, safe travels.

If you've enjoyed following the journey through both Dublin and Belfast, the dates for the 2020 research trip are posted. Just complete the registration form and mail it with the deposit to save your spot. The maximum is 15 researchers per trip (although non-researching companions are also welcome). You must know where in Ireland your ancestors were born.

Happy Hunting!

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