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Happy New Year!

It's 2021and it's going to be a good year...I'm sure. Well, at least it will be better than 2020. I feel like I can see a light at the end of the tunnel (hopefully it's not a freight train). There have been some good things in 2020...primarily Webinars. I've given more in the past year, and not only around Florida but for organizations across the US and Canada. I do miss seeing my friends, but I'll vote to continue the Webinars. I've also attended more Webinars this year...again from all across the US and Canada, as well as Ireland and England. It's a great time to learn. I hope you also have had the opportunity to delve into new methodologies and records to assist you in your research.

This is typically the time to look back at last year's resolutions and make new ones for the coming year. So how did I do? Here's what I said I wanted to do in 2020.

  • Spend time each week working on one of my families.

  • Write! Create a case study on the methodology (might show up in blogs).

  • Write a sketch on one of my ancestors.

  • Continue the transition to digital filing.

  • Create a plan for dealing with photos.

I can say that I've spent more time this year working on my family than I have since 2000. I have written a couple of case studies that have shown up in blogs, and I have written a sketch on one of my I'm moving in the right direction. My digital filing has continued to work for me and I've added a lot of material. Other than moving some of my photos into the digital filing system, I wasn't very successful with a plan for dealing with my photos. I did attend a number of Webinars on photo organizing with Maureen Taylor, the Photo Detective. I actually purchased one of her programs last summer (but I have to admit haven't done anything with it). I also listen to Maureen's weekly podcast which I absolutely recommend. I'd probably give myself a B- on my resolutions. How did you do?

Do I want to set any resolutions for 2021? It's been such a crazy year, I'm not sure. Right now I'm writing, re-writing and editing most of my lectures (which also means all of the handouts). You can check out my Calendar page to see when/where I'll be speaking. If you find a topic of interest you can contact the sponsoring organization to see if you can join. If your Society is looking for a speaker, then check out my Lectures page. I do speak on topics other than Irish. I think I'll stick with the same resolutions from last year, especially to keep working on my own family.

The 2021 Ireland Research Trip for Dublin is full, and there are about five spaces left for Belfast. I'm feeling good about the trip, as long as we can get vaccinated. If you're interested, let me know. I will be keeping a wait list for Dublin as it's possible that some people will decide to postpone for another year. I had a list of to do's for 2020, which I have to update for my own research.

Whether you decide to set up resolutions for 2021, or just continue with your research, this is a great time to stop and review where you stand. Is there a particular family you want to work on this year? Do you have a research plan? Have you discovered what new resources might be available since you last worked on a family? I recently discovered a new book by Dwight Radford on American Scots-Irish Research: Strategies and Sources in the Quest for Ulster Scots Origins. I'd definitely recommend it if your ancestors fall into this category.

I'm still collecting ideas for 2021 blogs. Thanks to those who responded. Some of the topics include: the use of place names; occupational records; dog licenses; newspapers; and places to locate a missing ancestor. Kathy also commented that she liked the case study format. It's not too can add your thoughts either here, or as a comment on Facebook.

So again, Happy New Year, Happy Hunting and Stay Safe!

Most of the Holiday Promotions are over but continue to check the Promotions page.

Both Ancestry and Findmypast have 14 day free trials.

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Jan 10, 2021

Your blog is featured on TIARA's (The Irish Ancestral Research Association) Best of the Blogs for the week ending January 9

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