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Happy Thanksgiving!

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Hopefully you've collected the information about your family's health records to share on Thanksgiving. After the turkey, the health discussion and the football games, comes Black Friday. Companies have gone out of their way to pre-announce their Holiday/Black Friday Specials and perhaps you can drop some hints with your loved ones about what you would like for Christmas. Don't forget to check the expiration dates.

Ancestry started early and their Holiday Sale ends this Wednesday, November 27th

23andMe has a 50% off sale that ends on December 3rd.

FamilyTree DNA up to 40% off ends November 28th.

MyHeritage ends November 29th.

FindMyPast DNA (Living DNA) ends December 2nd.

RootsIreland has 25% off annual subscription until December 9th.

Irish Newspaper Archives - Save 50% ends December 1st

Vivid-Pix has a promotion for you and for your family and friends. Great gift idea for anyone who wants to improve their pictures!

Legacy Family Tree - 50% off software and webinar memberships; ends Dec 2nd.

Happy Hunting!

Here's another idea. How about researching next October in Ireland?

Register here!

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