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Reading Room of the National Library of Ireland

Yes, there are only two days before I head off to Ireland. I'll arrive early Thursday morning and head out to confirm all of the last minute arrangements. First up, a SIM card change to my iPhone which will give me an Ireland phone number and access while I'm there. This is especially helpful when using the MyTaxi app (Ireland's version of Uber or Lyft). I did this last year with an old phone, and for €30 got the SIM card and enough minutes and data to use the phone for the three weeks in Ireland, and another week in Italy and Spain (with time left over). It was much less expensive than International Service through AT&T. If you're going to do this, make sure you unlock your phone before you leave.

I'll also check in with the Irish Family History Centre at EPIC to confirm our tickets and presentation for the following Wednesday.

I'm really looking forward to Friday when I'll take the train out to Mullingar in Westmeath to meet one of my husband's cousins for the first time. We connected on line a few months ago and I'm hoping to extend my research, especially with the maternal line.

I've already ordered documents from the National Library to be available on Saturday morning, so that should keep me busy for the half day the Library is open on Saturday. The researchers will begin arriving on Saturday and Sunday and be ready to jump into their research on Monday morning. Some are already over in Ireland sightseeing or visiting the areas where their ancestors lived.

If traveling to Ireland to research your ancestors is something you're interested in, watch this space for the next few weeks. I typically blog on most days so you will get a good idea of what the trip is like. If I'm lucky, some of the attendees will write guest blogs giving me a night off.

Happy Hunting!

Registration is open for the 2020 Ireland Research Trips

(Note: I'll respond to registrations when I return from Ireland on October 25th.)

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