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Happy New Year

Best Wishes for a Happy (and genealogically successful) New Year.

Not only is this the start of a new year, and new decade, but for me it's the first anniversary of my new website. It was just a year ago that I launched this website although I've had a website since 2007. I left the old website up, because at the time I had some links to older blogs. I haven't decided what to do with it, but for the time being I'll leave it. I can't modify it since the software I used is no longer working, but it does refer everyone to this site.

It's been a successful year with the website launch, an update of the Irish Quick Reference Guides, and a great research trip to Ireland in October with about 25 researchers (just follow the daily blogs for the month). With lots of lectures and consultations, it wasn't as successful for the organizing and updating of my own genealogy, so I have another shot at that New Year's Resolution.😀 This year I'm cutting back on my travel lecture schedule and planning more Webinars (if your Society is interested and has the capability and software, have them contact me). I will be lecturing at the Celtic Connections Conference in Chicago the end of July so if you're in the area, plan on attending. It's always a great conference with multiple speakers from Ireland.

So have you made any genealogy resolutions? Are there specific topics you'd like me to discuss in 2020. Let me know by commenting at the end of this blog.

There are still some promotions active for you to take advantage of, including a discount on the Irish Quick Reference Digital Bundle. The laminated printed sheets can be ordered through the Store. Does one of your resolutions involve organizing your photos? The Vivid-Pix promotion is still live and you can try before you buy.

Will this be the year that you break through a brick wall with DNA? FamilyTree DNA has their sale on until January 2nd. I have upgraded a number of my Y-DNA kits this past week and hope for some additional matches. Ancestry's DNA promotion ends tonight and it's a good time to order kits just in case you run into a cousin in your travels! And speaking of travels, don't forget to register for the 2020 Ireland Research Trips. There is limited space and it's a great way to travel with a group of like minded people who can share your successes and frustrations. If this is your first research trip, it's also provides a jump start with orientations to the repositories and records.

Whatever your goals are for 2020, I wish you good luck.

Happy Hunting!

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2 comentários

Happy New Year, Donna! You are the Best!!!


Happy New Year, Donna! Thanks for all the wonderful information and inspiration you provide all year long! Ellen Healy

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